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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Eqbal Zack: Brisbane Giveaway...


It's not too late for me to join this contest. Eqbal Zack just came back from Brisbane and with his lovely heart he reserved giveaway for his followers.

Absolutely I'm adore him as a good blogger with a high profile academics. To me as a blogger we must have a good brain and manageable ideas.Sharing knowledges and experiences for the right purposes, time and places. Internet is the medium for us to sharing everything and must be in a good manners.

Suddenly I've changed my writing and languages ler pulak. These giveaway remind me about my Koala Bear Bag.I got from my Abang Uda, he bought when he was in Adelaide.He is aeronautical and doing Eagle Aircraft Project around 1993. It's a long time stories.Anyway..where is my lovely Koala Bear Bag!I've to dig out my mum's house at kampung.

Last two years I've decided to Melbourne with my course-mate (Master in FM), but sadly I've to cancelled because of H1N1.Boleh gitu, padahal I've paid for the tickets...haaa.... tension jek.Thinking of my own safety and health ler brother Eqbal. 

Give away from Eqbal Zack

Let's join this contes
Deadline:midnight 11:59pm Malaysia time, 31 July 2012 (Tuesday)

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