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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Hey Blogger Jom Join Blogrr

Jom kita ramai-ramai ke event Blogrr pada 14 Disember ini.Ada banyak booth especially for online business.So blogger yang nak sewa tapak tu cepat-cepat book your booth at Blogrr

Apa yang menarik is the AWARD..ada 10 kategori korang boleh masuk..tapi sila vote blog aku ye..ngehngeh.Nak juga terasa dicalonkan walau blog aku tak seberapa.

Masa ni juga korang boleh jumpa ramai bloggers.Sharing your knowledge in watever disciplines and expertise.This is the suitable time we can gathering..

You also can meet artists!!SURPRISE...check at the BLOGRR ok

the event
blogrrr: Blogger Most Wanted 2013 is an event to appreciate and acknowledge Malaysian blog writers in utilising information technology advancement in Malaysia and become the representative of Malaysia's voice in the virtual realm.

It is a unique gathering of bloggers and other social media community hailing from various interest, including personal and businesses. This event will provide a platform for the community to share knowledge and experiences as how to redefine what a blog is, and how it can influence people.

There will be 12 mini seminars during the event. Each topic will be very useful, practical, and informative to guide you in blogging acivities.

This inaugural event will gather around 10,000 bloggers and visitors. This event will definitely be an eye opener for participants to gain the knowledge and exchange ideas, as well as foster business relationships. 

why shouldn’t you miss blogrrr 

  • Opportunity to meet readers and followers
  • Finding out everything you need to know about social media
  • Understanding the power of social networking
  • Educate the people on the pros and cons of blogging
  • Discovering proper etiquette and handling of blogs
  • Obtaining knowledge for growing business with the latest social media    technology, methods and tools
  • Improving the look and functionality of online content
  • Building your brand using social media
  • Communicating effectively with the blogging community
  • Interacting and networking with a mix of social media experts, business
       bloggers, and brand marketers

  • the venue
    Malaysia International Exhibition and Convention Centre (MIECC) is Malaysia’s premier exhibition venue located just 20 minutes from Kuala Lumpur City Centre and 30 minutes from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, this exhibition centre is complemented by 5 star resort hotels, a shopping mall, a championship golf course and other facilities located within the Mines Resort City.


    1. Hai dear, bella join this event. booth no22
      jumpe kat sane. done be u follower !


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